ASHER TURNEY, MD, MBA, MSPH, CCHP, FACCP, is the State Medical Director of Centurion of Tennessee Managed Care, CEO of Choice Medicine, a nonprofit community clinic, and a preventive and occupational medicine consultant for Correct Diagnostics LLC. Providing direct clinical care as well as administrative leadership of more than 600 healthcare workers across the Southeast United States.  Dr. Turney, or more adorably known as Dr. Asher, has been working in medicine since 2002.

He currently serves on the board of the Tennessee component of the ACOEM.  Dr. Turney received his MD, MSPH from Meharry Medical College and his MBA from Emory Goizueta Business. He has a health policy certification from the Robert Wood Johnson Center for Health Policy. He has also been an extern with the Department of Labor Office of Occupational Medicine in Washington DC during the Obama administration. Dr. Turney also has done some research in Seasonal/Migrant Workers and the effects of housing on wellness and health. He is certified by the American Board of Preventive Medicine, in occupational medicine, by the American College of Urgent Care Medicine in urgent care medicine, and by the NCCHC as a certified correctional health professional. Dr. Turney has also been a Certified Medical Review Officer and a diplomate of the American College of Correctional Physicians.

ACOEM Activities
Dr. Pike has previously served a term as Director on the ACOEM Board and was a member of the Board’s Strategic Planning Committee and Policy, Procedures, and Public Positions Committee and has served as Chair and Co-Chair of the Fellowship Examiners Committee. He currently is Chair of ACOEM’s Ethics Committee and member of the Fellowship Examiners Committee. He also served many years as a Delegate to the ACOEM House of Delegates (HOD) and chaired the HOD Internal Affairs Work Group. Dr. Pike was a member of the ACOEM Awards Committee and the Joint House/Board Nominating Committee and an alternate member of the House/Board Liaison Committee. He has also co-chaired the Leadership Committee and was a member of the Bylaws and Web Site Committees.

Component Activities
Dr. Pike is a member of the Western Occupational and Environmental Medical Association (WOEMA) and has served that component as Chairman of the Board, President, Director, Treasurer, newsletter editor, and as WOEMA Delegate to the ACOEM House of Delegates.

Professional Accomplishments
Integrating practices of occupational medicine, toxicology, industrial hygiene, safety, and engineering; Applying such combined skills and knowledge to improve working conditions among construction workers in Lesotho, Africa; Training workers in maquiladoras along the U.S.-Mexico border; Epidemiological investigations of health effects among 1200 PCB exposed workers; Investigating outbreaks of disease among workers in government and industry; Developing techniques for environmental health assessments and risk management; Promoting and facilitating the creation of the Mexico component society in ACOEM.

Position Statement 
I am mindful of members’ day-to-day needs, the importance of the private practice of OEM, and the need to develop resources useful to the practicing occupational physician in private practice as well as within corporate and academic structures. I view the HOD as an important voice of the clinical occupational physician and the role of an elected leader to advocate for members and ensure that resources used enhance value to members. I believe that nurturing close working relationships among Components, the Board, the HOD, and individual members is a high priority. I want to serve ACOEM as Vice President. I believe I am well prepared and have served ACOEM in many capacities for many years. I will be grateful for the privilege if I am elected and I will serve you, my colleagues, with humility and my best efforts. I ask and thank you for your vote.