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ACOEM President Frangos’ Inaugural Address

Dear ACOEM Member: 

As reported in last month’s issue of ACOEM E-News, Dr. Stephen A. Frangos, Regional Medical Manager for North and South America at Chevron Corporation in Houston, Texas, was inducted as president of the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM) on May 1. In that issue, we also provided you with an excerpt of Dr. Frangos’ inaugural address, noting that the video of his entire speech would be available soon — we are now pleased to share that video with you

In his inaugural address, Dr. Frangos focused on future key areas including member engagement, worker well-being, and access to occupational medicine. He also discussed the pivotal role ACOEM plays in supporting international occupational medicine societies and in promoting best practices in global occupational and environmental medicine.

The installation of Dr. Frangos and that of the new Board of Directors took place at the 104th annual ACOEM membership meeting held during the 2019 American Occupational Health Conference in Anaheim, Calif. Due to the efforts of the planning committee and numerous others, the meeting was a resounding success, with nearly 1,600 attendees — the highest attendance ever! We will be sharing highlights of the meeting with you later this summer in a special issue of ACOEM E-News.
Our congratulations to Dr. Frangos and the entire ACOEM Board of Directors.
Bill Bruce, MBA, CAE
Chief Executive Officer

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